Abacus One-Click masternode hosting platform, Dedicated to Giving Back to development, and so much more! Find out more about our featured partner.

[Abacus] is a Masternode hosting service with it’s own cryptocurrency called Abacus coin (ABA) [Pending].

Abacus Is proud to be a Crypto Cash Back (CCB) Partner. We just launched an integrated reward program. Every month the profits from our community owned CCBC masternode is split evenly to each active subscription.

Added benefits include:

– 5% of profits being donated back to each communities dev team.

– 2 day money back guarantee.

– Secure because your funds never leave your wallet.

– Our regular hosting subscriptions cost $1.99 usd/month.

– Until March 31st 50% off all Masternode hosting. Host your node for $0.99 USD/Month today.

– We will soon start accepting cryptocurrency for payment.

– Currently Accepting Credit/Debit Cards

We currently offer Masternode hosting services for 29 cryptocurrencies. With many more to be added. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to get in touch. Please, consider hosting with us in the future.